Everingham & Kerr Newsletter Archive

February/March 2018:

  • The future is (almost) now Blockchain makes big promises to M&A dealmakers.
  • Winning the hearts and minds of your new sales staff.
  • Tuck-in acquisitions take work to succeed.
  • Ask the Advisor.
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Year End 2017:

  • An asset sale can be to your company’s advantage.
  • Shifting gears Be flexible about changing M&A objectives.
  • M&As aren’t personal — don’t let them become so.
  • Ask the Advisor.
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August/September 2017:

  • Buy your disruptor and turn a threat into an opportunity.
  • Passport to M&A success.
  • Selling to an international buyer.
  • How a merger puts the spotlight on your CFO.
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June/July 2017:

  • Purchase price agreements
  • You don’t have to walk on eggshells
  • Why cybersecurity is critical to your deal’s success
  • Internal control
  • How to keep shareholders from disrupting your deal
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April/May 2017:

  • Going, going, gone
  • How targeted auctions promote successful sales
  • Let location be your company’s X factor
  • Acquisition as reinvention
  • When a buyer’s objective is change
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February/March 2017:

  • Efficiency can be a persuasive selling point
  • Reducing risk
  • A collar may fit your deal to a “T”
  • One, two, acquisition
  • A potentially faster, cheaper way to execute a deal
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Year End Newsletter 2016:

  • Innovation vs. maturity: The choice is yours
  • Selling isn’t an owner’s only liquidity option
  • Don’t let compensation disparities drag down your deal
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October/November News Letter 2016:

  • Deal stars
  • Don’t try to merge without these key people
  • Why business entity matters when structuring an M&A deal
  • Indemnification clauses
  • How to steer your merger clear of lawsuits
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August/September Newsletter 2016:

  • Preparing for a sale – even if you have no plans to sell
  • Turn that frown upside down
  • Making a distressed acquisition profitable
  • Even small deals may face antitrust actions
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April/May Newsletter 2016:

  • Improving your risk profile
  • Make an M&A deal more attractive to lenders
  • Beyond financials: A look at key value drivers
  • How to avoid 5 common seller mistakes
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Year End Newsletter 2014:

  • The Promise And Perils Of Inversion Deals. Why Everyone's Talking About These Cross-Bonder Mergers.
  • Attract New Investors With Your Business Plan.
  • What's Their Motivation? One Simple Question Can Yield A Wealth Of Information.
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October/November 2014:

  • Is It Time For A Spinoff?
  • Intellectual Property: Get What You’re Paying For
  • Taking Data Privacy Seriously
  • If You Don’t, Your Buyer Certainly Will.
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August/September 2014:

  • Why Buyers Should Give Sellers A Stake In The Deal
  • Writing Your M&A Playbook: A Strategic Exercise For Sellers
  • Take The Money - And Stay
  • Partial Sales Provide Owners With Options
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June/July 2014:

  • Integration Managers
  • Still Points At The Center Of Chaotic Acquisitions
  • Treat Salespeople Like The Valuable Assets They Are
  • Why Sellers Shouldn't Go To Their M&A Deal "Sick"
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April/May 2014:

  • M&A Deal Structure: Basics For Buyers And Sellers
  • MAC To The Rescue?
  • When Buyers Should Claim A Material Adverse Change
  • Making Your Cross-Border M&A Work
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February/March 2014:

  • Tax Issues Remain Long After The Deal Closes
  • To Innovate Or Merge: That's The Strategic Question
  • Meet The Buyers
  • Getting An M&A Off On The Right Foot
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Year End 2013:

  • Scale Or Scope?
  • The Critical Choice For Business Buyers
  • Deja Vu Deal: What To Do When A Buyer Comes Knocking Again
  • Taking The Private Path Away From The Public Spotlight
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October/November 2013:

  • Head Off Acquisition Anxiety And Get Your Deal Done
  • Selling Your Company
  • Hold On To Key Employees With Bonuses And Perks
  • Sector Matters
  • How Industry Helps Determine M&A Success
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June/July 2013:

  • Your CFO's Role In An M&A Deal
  • The Longer Haul
  • How New Private Equity Strategies Affect Business Sellers
  • Family Businesses: When Selling Is The Only Option
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